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Fiat 900 T 2.JPG
Fiat 900 T
Type Van
Other versions Transport people
Manufacturer Fiat
Design Coriasco
Production start 1976
Production end 1985
Predecessor Fiat 850T
Other predecessors Fiat 600T
Like Fiat Scudo
Other Like Fiat 238
Fiat Fiorino
Production about 500,000 copies
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The Fiat 900 T was a medium truck produced by Fiat from 1976 in 1985.


In the mid 1960s, Fiat wanted to replace the "600 Multipla" by adopting the body designed by Coriasco much better harmonized and resized forms in favor of capacity, thus forming the '850 Family "and' 850 T". The production was entrusted to the OM factory by Suzzara (Province of Mantua), specialized in the production of medium grade commercial vehicles. In 1976 the two versions were merged and became the "900T", who kept the frame and the lines of "850 Family", but with a renewed and new front rims (those of "126" from 1976 with different channel).

Was offered in eleven productions, including the bus version with 7 seats and sliding van doors, swing or raised roof. The group engine gearbox was still from the "100G" weakened the 850 sport of 903 cc and 35 hp, presenting some innovations such as a head derived from that of the Fiat 127. It must be said that the engine was derived from the series "100" created for the "600", which is left-handed than the "127", because of various provisions of the engine. The brakes were boosted and alternative replaces the dynamo.

The price was at the time of the Lit 3,457,000 and in the ten years of life, was produced in about 500,000 copies.

Shango Version

In 1978, the height of its production, the range was built with a version campers polarized named 'Shango', which keeps the body of the van but with a raised roof in fiberglass white compass opening (hinged on the left side) and one due telonatura. This is to get a bed when she opened the roof (which consisted of a cot under attack from side to side of the roof).

The upholstery was changed, and remained the same in front of the seat and backrest was united and "Duble face", because the central bench (which served as a shed) he was attacked in the opposite direction of travel. The rear bench was made, leaving room for a cabinet chipboard hidden by collars (formed from simple pillows) and a kitchenette with sink. For this he had a reservoir for l 'water under the platform with a capacity of 30 liters. The body color was only the yellow ocher.

In the 1970's the "Shango" was the youngest camper on the market (alongside the Fiat "238 Andalo" and "242 Kavir" always the same color) but the price on the high street (6,435,000 lira) and reduced habitability decreed failure.


In 1980 came out the improved version, the 900E'brought in panel van freight transport promiscuous, and Panorama, the version minivan.

The differences were in the new circles (those of the 128 from 1976), thicker black bumpers, new rectangular taillights (derived from the Fiat 238 and 242), introduction of disc brakes on the front wheels and different heating decreed that moving the spare wheel under the floor behind the driver (but not in front of the passenger side). The price was 6,750,000 lira.

He went out of production in 1985, but its direct successor arrived only in 1995, the Fiat Scudo.

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