Magnesium alloy wheel

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Magnesium alloy wheel on a Porsche Carrera GT

Magnesium alloy wheels, or mag wheels, are sometimes used on racing cars, in place of heavier steel or aluminium wheels, for better performance. The wheels are produced by one-step hot forging from magnesium alloys ZK60 and MA-14 (Russian variation of ZK60). Cast magnesium disks are used in motocycle wheels.

The weight of typical magnesium automotive wheel is about 8–12 kg (depending on model).

There are some rumors that say that Magnesium wheels are inflammable but this is not the case. Other rumors say that Magnesium wheels have low corrosion resistance; this is not the case either as long as construction and production rules are followed.

They have the disadvantages of being rather expensive and difficult to recycle, so are not practical for most street vehicles. Aluminium wheels are often mistakenly called "mag wheels".

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