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The Lamborghini V-10 is an engine that was developed for the Lamborghini Gallardo automobile first sold in 2003. This is only the third engine developed by Lamborghini and the first engine developed by the company after the they were acquired by VAG. As such, it shares components and technology from other members of the group, specifically Audi. It is a 90° V10 which is unusual for this particular configuration of cylinders. It was chosen to keep the center of gravity of the engine low. For the same reason, a dry-sump lubrication system was also used.

There is speculation that this engine will also be fitted to a planned Audi RSR supercar based on the Audi Rosemeyer concept.

There is also speculation that the engine block of the V10 is closely based on the 4.2 liter V8 Audi produces for their luxury cars though the cylinder heads are unique to Lamborghini, using the four valve/cylinder layout favored by the Italian firm rather than the five valve/cylinder variation used by the German members of VAG - including Audi and Volkswagen.

4960 cm3 90°V10
Bore × stroke 82.5 mm x 92.8 mm (0.89 ratio), 496 cc/cylinder, aluminium block with integrated liners with eutectic alloy
aluminium, 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC, chain driven camshafts, continuously variable valve timing system both for intake and exhaust
Fuel system
two electronic throttle bodies, Drive by Wire control
variable geometry intake manifold
five in one exhaust manifolds for each bank
individual coils directly mounted on each spark plug
Engine electronic management
Lamborghini LIE
Lubrication system
dry sump
368 kW (500 hp) @ 7800 rpm, 510 Nm @ 4500 rpm (80% available from 1,500 rpm)