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Ferrari F2012
Category Formula One
Constructor Scuderia Ferrari
Designer Pat Fry (Technical Director)
Nicholas Tombazis (Chief Designer)
Chassis carbon-fibre and honeycomb composite monocoque
Suspension (front) Independent suspension, pullrod activated torsion springs
Suspension (rear) as front
Engine Ferrari Type 056 2398 cc V8 (90°) Naturally aspirated, 18,000 RPM limited with KERS, mid-mounted
Transmission Ferrari 7 speeds + reverse Semi-automatic sequential, electronically controlled, longitudinal gearbox, quick-shift Limited-slip differential
Fuel Shell V-Power ULG 66L/2 Fuel
Shell Helix Ultra Lubricant
Tyres Pirelli P Zero (dry), Cinturato (wet)
OZ Wheels (front and rear): 13"
Notable entrants Scuderia Ferrari
Notable drivers 5. 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png Fernando Alonso
6. 22px-Flag of Brazil.png Felipe Massa
Debut 2012 Australian Grand Prix
Races competed 4
Race victories 1
Constructors' Championships {{{Cons_champ}}}
Drivers' Championships {{{Drivers_champ}}}
Pole positions 0
Fastest laps 0

The Ferrari F2012 is a Formula One racing car designed by Scuderia Ferrari for the 2012 Formula One season. The car was launched on 3 February at Ferrari's facility in Maranello. The car, which is driven by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, made its debut at the first pre-season test at Jerez.


Like most 2012-specification cars, the F2012 features a 'stepped nose' to conform to new FIA safety regulations. However, the design of the car was criticised, with Felipe Massa claiming that the team needed to carry out substantial work in order to understand the car. Furthermore, the F2012 have both at the front and at the back pull-rod suspension which Ferrari did not have on the 150° Italia. L-shaped inlets also feature on the sidepods as McLaren had last season.

It was reported that Ferrari had developed a "reactive ride height" suspension system, a mechanical device designed to maintain ride height under braking which they hoped to use in their 2012 car. The FIA ruled that devices contravene the regulations as they could improve the aerodynamic peformance of cars, which led to the device being banned.

Season overview

During testing journalists reported several reports of problems with the car's handling. It under steered traveling into the curve and over steered as the car came out out of the curve. Ferrari denied that the car was under-performing, but during the Australian Grand Prix both Alonso and Massa went off the track after struggling with the handling, and could only qualify 12th and 17th respectively. Alonso finished the race fifth, while Massa retired after a collision with Williams driver Bruno Senna.

In the week before the Malaysian Grand Prix, Ferrari took the extraordinary step of preparing a brand-new chassis for Massa. Unable to explain the difference between Alonso and Massa's performances in Melbourne, the team prepared the chassis for Massa in the belief that the car he used in Australia was flawed.

In the race, extreme weather conditions led to Alonso taking the lead after round of pit stops. The Ferrari F2012 showed it has very good performance in damp conditions, but as the track started to dry, Sauber had better pace than Ferrari and Pérez cut Alonso's advantage from seven seconds to just half a second. Soon Alonso pitted from the lead and Pérez a lap later, keeping Alonso in first position because Pérez had to drive a whole lap longer on intermediates, while Alonso, having pitted, drove that lap on mediums thus increasing the advantage over Pérez to 5 seconds. Pérez again started chasing down Alonso and again cutting the advantage, but his front tires began to wear out quickly because of driving just behind Alonso's F2012 which eventually led to Pérez making a mistake, thus having him again more than five seconds behind Alonso. There wasn't enough time to chase him again so Alonso went on to win the race, the first for the brand-new F2012.

In China, the F2012 had a similar gap to the fastest cars, Alonso qualifying ninth and Massa twelfth. In the race, however, Alonso again showed his skill and had a chance to fight for fourth place, but lack of the pace in the final stages of the race, and Alonso going off the track while trying to pass a driver ahead in the middle of the corner led to him taking 9th at the end of the race. Massa finished 14th.

Complete Formula One results

(key) (results in bold indicate pole position; results in italics indicate fastest lap)

Year Entrant Engine Tyres Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Points Template:Tooltip
Fernando Alonso 5 1 9 7
Felipe Massa Ret 15 13 9

* Season in progress.

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