Clasica San Sebastian

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Clásica de San Sebastián (Sp)
Donostia-Donostia Klasikoa (Bas)
Region: Basque (Spain)
Date: August
Type: One-day race
First Edition: 1981
Editions: 25
First Winner: Marino Lejarreta 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png
Most Recent: Constantino Zaballa Gutierrez 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png
Most Wins: Marino Lejarreta 22px-Flag of Spain.svg.png,
3 times

The Clasica San Sebastian is a bicycle race held every summer since 1981 in the Basque region of Spain. It is traditionally a climbers race, with several famous Grand Tour stars claiming the race over its 25 year history.

Clasica San Sebastian is famous for its spectacular views of the coastline and for its winding, climbing race route. The current race route is approximately 227 kilometres in length and includes the tough Alto de Jaizkibel climb at around the 200 kilometre mark. This climb is usually the decisive point of the race. Until 2004 it was round 7 of the UCI World Cup Series. Now it constitutes a major 1-day race in the UCI Pro Tour.

The course of the race tends to favor aggressive riding, and in the past has been won by riders such as Laurent Jalabert of France in 2001 and 2002, and Paolo Bettini in 2003.

Saunier Duval-Prodir riders Constantino Zaballa and Joaquim Rodriguez on the podium of Clasica San Sebastian in 2005.