1988 Monaco Grand Prix

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46e Grand Prix de MonacoF1
Country 22px-Flag of Monaco.png
Grand Prix 22px-Flag of Monaco.png
Official name
Date May 15
Year 1988
Race No 3
Season No 16
Location Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco
Course Street circuit
Course mi 2.068
Course km 3.328
Distance laps 78
Distance mi 161.298
Distance km 259.584
Weather Warm and dry
Pole Driver Ayrton Senna
Pole Team McLaren-Honda
Pole Time 1:23.998
Pole Country 22px-Flag of Brazil.png
Fast Driver Ayrton Senna
Fast Team McLaren-Honda
Fast Time 1:26.321
Fast Lap 59
Fast Country 22px-Flag of Brazil.png
First Driver Alain Prost
First Team McLaren-Honda
First Country 22px-Flag of France.png
Second Driver Gerhard Berger
Second Team Ferrari
Second Country 22px-Flag of Austria.png
Third Driver Michele Alboreto
Third Team Ferrari
Third Country 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif

Results from the 1988 Formula One Monaco Grand Prix held at Monaco on May 15, 1988

The 1988 Monaco Grand Prix was a Formula One race held on May 15, 1988 at the Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo. It was the 3rd race of the 1988 Formula One season.

Race summary

The McLaren team dominated the qualifying sessions, with Ayrton Senna gaining pole by 1.4 seconds from Alain Prost and 2.7 seconds on the third placed, Gerhard Berger on Ferrari. Senna led from the start, with Berger overtaking Prost when the French missed a gearchange. The first corner at St.Devote saw a variety of accidents: Alex Caffi hit the wall, and AGS's Philippe Streiff retired from a stunning 12th place on the grid when an accelerator cable broke, and Nelson Piquet retired after colliding with Eddie Cheever.

The running order of Senna-Berger-Prost-Mansell-Alboreto-Nannini was maintained until lap 33 when Alboreto took Mansell off with a late passing manoeuvre. On lap 51, there were some dramatic moments when, at the Mirabeau turn, Philippe Alliot in the Larrousse had a violent collision with Riccardo Patrese's Williams. By lap 54 Prost had worn Berger down and took second place. He then started trading fastest laps with Senna. Assured by team manager Ron Dennis that his lead was safe, Senna slowed down. This was to be his downfall, as on lap 67 he lost concentration and spun into the barrier at Portier meaning that the race was won, for the 4th time in 5 years, by Prost. The Ferraris took 2nd and 3rd with Derek Warwick putting in a fine drive to finish 4th after a race-long battle with Jonathan Palmer. Patrese recovered from his collision to gain the final point by passing the other Larrousse of Yannick Dalmas on the last lap.


Pos No Driver Team Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 11 22px-Flag of France.png Alain Prost McLaren-Honda 78 1:57:17.077 2 9
2 28 22px-Flag of Austria.png Gerhard Berger Ferrari 78 + 20.453 3 6
3 27 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Michele Alboreto Ferrari 78 + 41.229 4 4
4 17 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.png Derek Warwick Arrows-Megatron 77 + 1 Lap 7 3
5 3 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.png Jonathan Palmer Tyrrell-Ford 77 + 1 Lap 10 2
6 6 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Riccardo Patrese Williams-Judd 77 + 1 Lap 8 1
7 29 22px-Flag of France.png Yannick Dalmas Larrousse-Ford 77 + 1 Lap 21  
8 20 22px-Flag of Belgium (civil).png Thierry Boutsen Benetton-Ford 76 + 2 Laps 16  
9 21 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Nicola Larini Osella 75 + 3 Laps 25  
10 16 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Ivan Capelli March-Judd 72 + 6 Laps 22  
Ret 12 22px-Flag of Brazil.png Ayrton Senna McLaren-Honda 66 Spun Off 1  
Ret 30 22px-Flag of France.png Philippe Alliot Larrousse-Ford 50 Collision 13  
Ret 15 22px-Flag of Brazil.png Mauricio Gugelmin March-Judd 45 Fuel System 14  
Ret 9 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Piercarlo Ghinzani Zakspeed 43 Gearbox 23  
Ret 19 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Alessandro Nannini Benetton-Ford 38 Gearbox 6  
Ret 24 22px-Flag of Spain.png Luis Perez-Sala Minardi-Ford 36 Halfshaft 15  
Ret 5 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.png Nigel Mansell Williams-Judd 32 Collision 5  
Ret 22 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Andrea de Cesaris Rial-Ford 28 Engine 19  
Ret 25 22px-Flag of France.png René Arnoux Ligier-Judd 17 Engine 20  
Ret 32 22px-Flag of Argentina.png Oscar Larrauri Euro Brun-Ford 14 Brakes 18  
Ret 18 22px-Flag of the United States.png Eddie Cheever Arrows-Megatron 8 Engine 9  
Ret 26 22px-Flag of Sweden.png Stefan Johansson Ligier-Judd 6 Engine 26  
Ret 31 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Gabriele Tarquini Coloni-Ford 5 Suspension 24  
Ret 1 22px-Flag of Brazil.png Nelson Piquet Lotus-Honda 1 Collision 11  
Ret 36 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Alex Caffi Dallara-Ford 0 Spun Off 17  
Ret 14 22px-Flag of France.png Philippe Streiff AGS-Ford 0 Throttle 12  
DNQ 2 22px-Flag of Japan.png Satoru Nakajima Lotus-Honda    
DNQ 10 22px-Flag of Germany.png Bernd Schneider Zakspeed    
DNQ 23 22px-Flag of Spain.png Adrián Campos Minardi-Ford    
DNQ 4 22px-Flag of the United Kingdom.png Julian Bailey Tyrrell-Ford
EX 33 3dflagsdotcom italy2bs.gif Stefano Modena Euro Brun-Ford   Excluded  


  • Stefano Modena was excluded for missing a weight check.
  • Fastest Lap: Ayrton Senna 1'26.321

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